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Kiraitu to Ruto: Stop lying to Kenyans

By Kiraitu Murungi

Dear Deputy President William Samoei Ruto,

 I hope this letter finds you in good health.

 I'm writing to demand clarification of your recent remarks that you have not started your campaigns for 2022 elections.

 I don't know if it’s just me, but the general feeling is that Kenyans did not comprehend these remarks.

Were they meant to have a deeper meaning or did you flatly lie to Kenyans?

My memory serves me right. And I know that since around March 2018, you have been actively campaigning: from Kenol in Murang'a, to Bushiangala in Kakamega.

 Truth be said, you never took a break from the 2017 campaigns.

 You dived into 2022 campaigns immediately after President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in.

We have seen you fly from a Harambee at a Tharaka Nithi church to attend a sermon at a Jehovah Wanyonyi church in Bungoma.

We have also witnessed you hosting ever-flowing delegations at the Deputy President's residence in Karen and also seen you laugh your lungs out as your attack dogs spewed insults at the same government you serve.

You absconded the duties that the Kenyan taxpayer pays you to perform but use government resources such as vehicles, security, personnel to go round the country campaigning for 2022 and belittling the same government you represent.

 Mr Deputy President, you have launched a political party, created campaign merchandise and campaign slogans but at the same time claim that you are not campaigning.

Mr DP could you by any chance be suffering from a mental disorder?

Because the symptoms you exhibit suggest Multiple Personality Disorder or Cognitive Dissonance.

 It's even worse because all along you have been trying to convince Kenyans that you area Godly person, only to keep lying to them; time and again.

Or has the meaning of campaigns changed and Kenyans were not briefed?

Because there's no other way one can explain this strange phenomenon.

 What worries me though (and I know many other Kenyans) is the straight face with which you lie!

 Mr Murungi is the Governor of Meru County.

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