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Lies Ruto has been spewing to Kenyans

Deputy President is a cunning liar who can promise heaven but deliver hell. Below are some of the lies he has been spewing.

In the 2013 and 2017 campaigns, he stated the government would import between 7,000 and 10,000 tractors and women will not be using jembes to till land. Today, he is shamelessly giving youths wheelbarrows.

Ruto stated the historic Kamariny Stadium would be complete in six months time. There is no such a stadium in Kenya.

Ruto stated every village in Kenya will be connected to the Wifi. He has been sabotaging government’s efforts to do so.  

He stated that he fought the imperial presidency for 30 years when we know that he is one of the founders of YK92 which ensured former President Daniel arap Moi was reelected in 1992 and 1997 by hook or crook.

He denied ownership of Weston Hotel only to later confirm that he is the real owner after pressure from Kenyans.

He stated only Sh7 billion was lost in the Kimwarer and Arror dams scandal but today CMC Di Ravena is demanding Sh80 billion from the government of Kenya as compensation.

He lied that the Ibokholo- Indagalasa- Malaa- Navakholo- Musikhoma road was complete only for the area MP to confirm that there is no such a road.

That he made Uhuru Kenyatta President when we know that it is Uhuru who nominated him as his running mate.

That he helped an investor cum terrorist get a Sh15 billion loan from Equity Bank to invest in Uganda only for the bank to deny in the National Assembly.

That the government would construct 57 MEGA dams and thousands of small dams. The money ended up in his pockets.

He lied that in six months time they would be a modern stadium in Wote, Makunei County. There is no such a stadium.

He lied that there will be a National Youth Enterprise Capital Fund for interest free loans to the youth.

He lied there will be a technology driven economy only for him to turn to the 16th C machine; wheelbarrow.

He lied that the government will set an institute of modern technology in every ward.

He lied that the government will put one million acres of land under irrigation.

He lied that a comprehensive Livestock Insurance Scheme was going to be put in place to ensure that our pastoralists get earnings from livestock.

And sadly, the man is lying even today. What a shame!

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