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Where was William Ruto when Kalenjins butchered Kikuyus in Rift Valley?

When Kikuyu peasants were being slaughtered like goats with poisonous arrows and machetes by Kalenjins goons in Rift Valley, why did William Ruto then the Eldoret North MP not stop the killings?

Why did the man who United Democratic Alliance (UDA) zealots have declared to be the new kingpin of Mt Kenya Region come to their rescue?
Where was Ruto when Kikuyus women, toddlers and disabled burnt alive inside Kiambaa Church in Uasin Gishu?
When President Uhuru Kenyatta was using millions of shillings out of his pocket to rescue Kikuyus from Kalenjins killers by providing vehicles to ferry victims in safe areas, offering food supplies and clothing and risking his life by travelling deep in Rift Valley to coordinate and closely monitor the rescue efforts, where was Ruto?
Is Ruto not the one who was mobilising, organising, planning and sponsoring Kalenjin youths to ATTACK and KILL Kikuyus?
Ruto is the worst enemy of the Kikuyus, but now that he wants their votes he must present himself to them as their long term friend and close ally -  yet he is NOT!
On numerous occasions, we have heard misguided UDA fellows argue that ODM leader Raila Odinga was responsible for the violence in Rift Valley,
Do they want to tell us that Raila mobilised and ferried Luos from Nyanza to Rift Valley to kill Kikuyus?
Ruto was solely responsible for the violence in Rift Valley because he is an evil and a wicked man.
I have always argued that if Satan had a brother, then that brother is Ruto. 

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