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Sadly, Justice in Kenya is for the highest bidder

Kenyans should open their minds to the reality prevailing in the country today where justice is for sale to the highest bidder.

Watch and listen to Mike Sonko corruption clips. Read the transcripts of Akasha sons now serving long jail terms in the United States yet for years they could not be jailed in Kenya.

Look at the Cause List of corruption cases that decorate judicial notice boards for decades bearing the same names while suspects are milked dry by judges and lawyers who drive top range Mercedes, BMWs, Prados, Range Rover etc. etc. and live in luxurious palatial homes.

The Constitution did NOT, does NOT and shall NOT allow or countenance CORRUPTION to be the medium of  interpretation of Kenyan Laws. CORRUPTION includes that of mind in legal decision making.

The national interest legal questions over the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) SHOULD answer and address the following pertinent legal obligations.

1. Did BBI proposal get over a million signatures of Kenyans as required by the Supreme law - the Constitution? YES!

2. Was BBI approved by majority Counties (over 21) in Kenya? YES!

3. Were BBI's proposals approved by people’s representatives in the National Assembly? YES!

4. Were the proposals APPROVED by the people's representatives in the Senate? YES!

5. Was the referendum to the Electoral Commission by two individuals as required by the Law? YES!

6. Were those procedures unconstitutional? NO!

Who do judges REPRESENT other than the will and interest of the people as spelt out in the Constitution?

The law may be an ass BUT judges SHOULD NOT be asses.

The law is made for man NOT man for the Law. 

Judiciary SHOULD be a foundation stone in building bridges for harmony, wealth and BETTER LIFE amongst the Kenyan society NOT weaponising electoral politics with the hindsight of 2007-2008 post-election human carnage.

The BBI case compares very well with injunctions given by Kenyan courts that cost billions of shillings in cash awards and delays of national projects all over the country.

The MONEY lost through BBI and many development projects are NET losses to Kenya citizens YET judiciary is forever asking for more MONEY for the same judges who award millions and cause COSTLY delays.

MONEY lost in delayed projects or paid to contractors as a result of delays can build more courts and employ more judicial officers as well as create thousands of jobs - unemployment is a ticking bomb.

UDA's party leader Johnstone Muthama currently promising Kenyan youths "wheelbarrows" blocked a multi-billion-shilling project in Machakos as judges dragged their feet.

Surely judges live in Kenya BUT appear to wear blinkers when dealing with socioeconomic cases -

Kenyan Judges, who use police as drivers and guards in, unlike in many other countries, confine themselves behind four walls making themselves OBLIVIOUS of realities in real LIFE and in Kenya as a POOR developing Nation.

They see the country and its problems through very myopic lenses.

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