Judiciary the weak link in Uhuru’s war on graft

I feel for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He has been doing all he can to end rampant corruption and theft of public money by politicians and cartels. 

It is proving to be difficult to fight this battle using corruptible justice system that protects major thieves and jails a chicken thief for years. 

Apart from corrupt minds many of us wish that our country would be as rich and corruption free as China. 

The stealing menace has become so entrenched and dark.

Fighting it through the same means that protects it (courts) is like fighting a tiger in a darkroom.

  The only way to fight it is to be out there to make sure it’s not in our house.

Our corruption tigers armed with stolen cash are out there creating political havoc that will end in bloody tears come 2022.

Had I the mandate to end corruption I would do it the Chinese way. 

Gather the main economic looters at Uhuru Park and have them shot dead.

 I would also shoot dead anyone trying to take bribe to defeat the war against corruption.

 The constitution does not define us.

We define the Constitution. You all have heard names flying all over social media of stolen money now being used to undermine justice and take power to continue causing havoc. 

Given a chance I would start my executions from the top down.

You all know who would get my first fatal bullet.


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