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Iranian plans terror activities

A recent report by Kenya’s security agencies has linked an Iranian citizen, Mohammed Saeid Golabi to terror activities in Kenya and in the neighbouring countries.

Golabi who is believed to visit Kenya and the region frequently is reportedly at the core of terror plans targeting both local and Israeli interests in Kenya.

Police have been monitoring Golabi’s terror activities and some of his local associates and they are convinced that there is a link between him and terrorism activities.

“We have profiled him and his contacts over time. We have enough reason to believe that he has been working with those terror groups,” said a senior official at the anti-terrorism police unit.

 Golabi, who is suspected to be an Iranian intelligence officer and works with a team of Kenyans to gather intelligence against establishments both private and state owned with the aim attacking them.

 There was no immediate comment from the Iranian government.

 The security report comes against the recent backdrop of heightened security operations in the country following the recent Kamiti maximum prison jailbreak by three terror convicts, Musharaf Abdalla, Joseph Juma Odhiambo and Mohamed Ali Abikar.

Caption: Ahmed Golabi, his mother in law Esther Wambui, father in law Samuel Mugwe, Golabi’s father Muhammad Golabi and his wife Stella Waithera.

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