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I’ve turned Kikuyus into beggars, Ruto tells Kalenjin leaders

Deputy President William Ruto held a closed door meeting with Kalenjin leaders where he boasted he has succeeded in reducing the populous Kikuyu community into beggars.

According to Kesses MP Mishra Kiprop,  who was in attendane, Ruto told them his target was not vote, but a cohesive Kalenjin.

He threatened the Kalenjin MPs no toeing his line that they will have it rough in the political terrain.

“William Ruto hold rallies just to bash strong leaders, like Keter and I. To clarify everything he told us during indoor meeting, that he is done with dividing and reducing kikuyus into beggars, and if anyone tries to block him he will crash him into pieces. I was really shocked, Mt Kenya wake up," Mishra posted on his Facebook.

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