Texas: Body of Kenyan woman exhumed for fresh autopsy

The body of a woman whose death in the US remains mysterious has been exhumed for a fresh autopsy.

The family of Dorothy Ong'era believes this will address the grey areas surrounding her death in December last year in Arlington, Texas.

In court papers, the kin says the deceased's husband Obadiah Kinara should explain the circumstances that led to the death of Ong’era. 

They are particularly concerned with the hurried burial the man conducted for Ong'era without informing them as her parents. 

The parents also reside in the US. 

The defence against the exhumation was filed by Kinara against the plaintiff- David Ong'era - arguing that he, being the deceased father, had no legal right to do so.

He had moved to the Court of Appeal in Texas, saying the lower court erred in granting the exhumation. 

In court papers, he said the lower court abused its powers to allow the plaintiff to conduct the postmortem on his wife.

He claimed the father-in-law had no legal authority to demand the autopsy without his consent.

Earlier, Kinara was accused of secretly burying the deceased without involving his parents-in-law, raising suspicions. 

A coroner’s report says her body was found sprawled in the bathroom with injuries.

In an appeal, however, the plaintiff said he had had every right to know what caused his daughter’s death at her home in Arlington, Texas.

He termed as frivolous the move by his son in law to block the exhumation.

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