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Exposing Ruto’s sugar-coated lies

William Ruto is ever guilty that he is eating taxpayers money without working or without anything to show for it.

That is the reason why, before embarking on his bitter ranting in rallies he has to read from a small paper, several projects that Jubilee is carrying out in the area.

He has to keep reminding the followers that he is still not irrelevant in this government.

When he said a road had started, the crowd corrected him on the spot.

He had to amend and say that the contract had been awarded "unnamed" contractor.

He tries to justify how the Big 4 Agenda was abandoned when ODM leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta shook hands, but he still wants to take credit of whatever is going on right now.

Recently, I toured a referral hospital being constructed by the government at the Police Boarder Parol campus in Kitui.

 It was a privilege because no civilians ever get access to this highly secured facility.

Part of the money being used to build the hospital is raised by the APs under whom the PPU is based.

It was commissioned by Uhuru the other day.

Yes it's being constructed right now as Ruto is busy campaigning in Meru.

 Then when it's completed, he will be here telling us, "tumejenga hospital ya polisi....hiyo imekamilika..."


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