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With Peter Kenneth deputising Raila, Mount Kenya is in safe hands

By Robert Mutahi

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has made a very long post from his hospital bed, lamenting about succession and the future of the Kikuyu leadership. In his opinion, President Uhuru Kenyatta has failed to mentor young leaders to take from him.

First thing first, I wish Kuria a quick recovery.

Second, I would like to remind Kuria that mentoring young leaders is not an automatic thing, neither is it about Kuria himself being picked as the Kikuyu kingpin.

There is a process, features and reasons to such and act or doing.

President Kenyatta has picked former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth as his preferred successor, and has a soft spot for Narc-Kenya Martha Karua.

The two appear sober, composed and living for a course.

The least likely person Uhuru can pick is Kuria, his own MP and neighbour.

Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri was in the President’s list, but like Lot's wife, forgot himself, looked back and was turned to a rock, worthless and tasteless.

He chose the Sugoi man, Deputy President William Ruto, who has the audacity to claim that he is the Mt Kenya kingpin.

 In my own words that is the person Kuria should be questioning, they build him, showed him home secrets and empowered him to destroy them.

One, Kuria is no leader, not by words and actions. Ethnic hate and incitement have been his card, without that, he cannot exist.

 Kuria as Kingpin would place the Agikuyu Community in a path of war with the whole country if not the world.

 In 2016, Kuria called for assassination of ODM leader Raila Odinga.

 A man who talks like that places the nation in the path of failure.

Two, Kuria has been on record insulting the President, embarrassing and exposing him to entertain and impress his boss in Karen.

In a show of defiance, Kuria hired people to shout down Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya and his Health counterpart Mutahi Kagwe in different occasions where they represented the President.

 A man without honour cannot be honoured. Uhuru Kenyatta cannot mentor and front a man who disrespects him.

Kuria, as seen now wanted to armtwist the President to front him, if not grab it.

Like Absalomon, Kuria will not only miss the father's love and favour, but also his political life.

Kuria quotes President Mwai Kibaki and how he mentored Uhuru Kenyatta.

 True. But again, how did the Young Kenyatta behave around Mwai Kibaki?

Uhuru, and even Ruto, were always respectful to the President, were humble and understood it was his time.

In that, they found favour and support.

 At no time, even when he was opposition chief did Uhuru ever insult Kibaki.

Peter Kenneth alias PK has followed this, and it seems to be a winning card.

Kuria must learn from those who were before him, Daniel arap Moi,  Kibaki, Uhuru and even Raila, waiting or patience is a virtue, having it is a ticket to the destination, and lack of it destructive.

The power and capability of incumbency is paramount in succession politics.

Moi knew Uhuru would not defeat Kibaki, but placed him in the right place in the queue, and in just 10 years, his dream came true, and he lived to see it. Kibaki chose Uhuru over his PM, and Uhuru has picked Raila over his DP.

Kuria is a refugee in UDA and a fugitive in Jubilee. Nowhere to call home and the storm is kicking.

 Like Esau who sold his birth right for a bowl of soup, Kuria must sit and submit to PK.

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