Lessons Kuria must learn from Uhuru’s conduct

By Wahome Thuku

This is an open letter to Gatundu South MP To Moses Kuria.

For the record, President Mwai Kibaki started grooming Uhuru Kenyatta when the boy was only hours old.

He gave him the name "Uhuru" which in itself was to initiate him into nationalism.

But fast forward, even Uhuru himself became unruly and disrespectful to Mzee Kibaki.

 I remember when Uhuru was Kanu Presidential candidate in 2002 General Election sand then opposition leader up to around 2006, he used not too nice words on Kibaki.

Then he was just excited because he was Official Opposition Leader.

I was a journalist and I attended many meetings where Uhuru teamed up with Charles Njonjo and Raila Odinga to call Kibaki all kind of names.

Then wazee from Mt Kenya region called him behind the tent and told him to behave.

They were categorical, "we want you to succeed Mwai Kibaki but for you to do that, lazima uwache utoto na umama".

Uhuru was a fast learner. He reformed very fast and by 2007 he was on Kibaki's side.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) debacle added him a feather and by the time former Minister Joseph John Michuki was telling us that we must go through Uhuru if we want to talk to Mt Kenya, we all said, Yes Sir.

 And to confirm it, we came out "thuraku thuraku" to take him to State House and back.

The rest is history

Coming to Kuria, Jubilee (read Uhuru) made everything possible to ensure Kuria was not opposed in the Gatundu South by-election.

In fact there was no by-election because all competition was eliminated. The rest is history.

Now from that short is there anything Kuria can learn? If there is nothing so be it.

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