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Ruto using Sh3m stolen money daily

Deputy President William Ruto is spending about Sh3 million a day.

There are about 245 days to go before 9th August 2022 elections.

This means Ruto will spend Sh735 billion.

 For a thoroughly dishonest and ravenous grabber who extorted scores of billions from the economy where his appointees worked, this is just pocket change.

He has hidden his mountain of stolen taxpayers’ money in Dubai, DR Congo, Uganda and Sudan among others.

There will be a clear demonstration to the world that there is no rule of law in this country if GoK institutions clear Ruto to run for the presidency.

The unwritten rule is that to clinch the presidency, you must have a few billions to burn.

That is the script Ruto is following.

And Uhuru Kenyatta knows this very well.

That is why he has removed Ruto's most active 'fundraising' CSs and Parastatal bosses.

God can see the foolishness of Gema, the bedrock of his support.

In his infinite magnanimity, God will decline the misguided wishes and prayers of the reckless ignoramuses.

They cry of creeping poverty but instead of doing the right thing using their brains, they intend to do the opposite on 9/8/2022.

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