Have gods conspired to destroy Ruto?

By Correspondent

The saying whom the gods would destroy they first make mad, sometimes given in Latin as Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat (literally: Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first deprives of reason), in the Kenyan context applies to Deputy President William Ruto.

The phrase that first appears in this form in the Reverend William Anderson Scott's book Daniel, a Model for Young Men and in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "The Masque of Pandora", captures the situation Ruto finds himself in.

Ruto alias Mr Lootall is angry and hungry for power.

The greed for power is very dangerous and as made him mad.

He is now doing political campaign rallies day and night, latest being in Kiambu County where he addressed a rally at night.

Holding rallies at night shows how desperate Ruto is to grab power.

Doing campaign rally at 9.30 pm in Kiambu County is total madness, but the man from Sugoi went ahead to do that.

When you see these defensive and reactionary campaigns, the ground must be shifting very fast towards his competitor, Raila Odinga.

Ruto after a little irritation from his  opponents is becoming emotional and defensive.

You do not need much effort or force to destroy him, he will destroy himself with time.

What Ruto is doing is out of fear and desperation, he is giving up.

He over marketed himself, he was at the peak but his popularity is dropping very fast.

We have new brand in the market that is Raila.

Every Kikuyu wants to touch him, hear him, see him and have partnership with him.

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