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Traits that make Ruto dangerous psychopath

By John Kamau, Editor,

These are the traits that make Deputy President a psychopath and explain why Kenyans must shun him in the polls or else put to State House a murderer, thief and looter.

Just like other psychopaths, Ruto is aggressive, callous and cunning. He is ready to use any means, legal and illegal, to achieve his ends.

Ruto’s complete absence of conscience and empathy elevates him to the same level with Lucifer. He is a man ready to go to bed with the devil to achieve his selfish agenda.

Ruto is very adept at manipulating others, especially emotionally and that is how he has been able to hoodwink some Mount Kenya residents that he is their saviour by giving them wheelbarrows.

Ruto’s willingness to engage in immoral, criminal conduct is well documented. Such conduct includes butchering women and children who had sought refuge in a church in Kiambaa during the 2007/08 post-election violence.  He also ordered the teargasing of pupils protesting grabbing of their playground.

Ruto’s willingness to take what he wants and doing what he wants regardless of who he hurts or wrongs is another trait that makes him a psychopath.

He is also deceptive to appear outwardly as benevolent. His attendance of church functions and huge donations is to deceive the public that he is a God-fearing leader.

Ruto’s deceptive ability to behave in superficially charming ways to hide purely selfish motives. The best example is his killing of Sergeant Kenei and then attending the funeral, and even shedding crocodile tears.

Ruto’s willingness to use intimidation and violence to control others in order to satisfy his own needs is well known. Here, he was a principal player in the 2007/08 post-election violence.

His willingness to intentionally violate the basic inherent human rights of others is well known.

His complete absence of any sense of guilt or errors for the harm his actions cause others is well known. To date, he has never apologized to the Kikuyu community for killing women and children in a church in Kiambaa.

His rationalisation of his own immoral behaviour is well known. Ruto likes restating he was a chicken seller who rose to be the Deputy Presidetn.  

His attempt to lay blame upon someone else for his own shortcoming is well known. To date, he is quick to blame President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga for his failure to execute duties as principal assistant to the President.

Ruto lives in constant denial and will deny his own wrongdoing out rightly.

 There is ample evidence of his utter contempt towards the feelings and desires of fellow human beings.

Ruto is a pathological liar. He will say anything without any concern for truth in order to advance his own hidden agenda.

Ruto’s ability to feign normal human emotions and empathy expose him as a disciple of Satan.

His total failure to accept any responsibility for his socially irresponsible ways is also well documented.

His strong belief he will never be brought to justice for his criminal behaviour is a classic example on the kind of leadership he would bring to the country if elected president.

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