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Ruto’s UDA made up of thieves, rapists, pimps, murderers and pirates, declares Jubilee Party

(Statement by Jubilee Parliamentary Group, October 4)

First, we wish to thank members of the Jubilee Party for their steadfast support of our party since its formation in 2016.

We want to thank you for your loyalty and commitment despite the challenges we have faced from a few noisy naysayers who have tried to rock the party from within.

Fortunately they have failed, and we can now see that they have opted for a shameful and undignified exit.

 They have now taken to running around the country trying to sell snake oil to unsuspecting Kenyans.

We are here to tell Kenyans: BEWARE!

As we head to the 2022 elections our members have been calling for rebranding, restructuring, and revitalisation of the party with a view to making it stronger and more vibrant.

The Jubilee Party has heeded this. We are in the process of a major, carefully planned and unprecedented revamp that will send a message to our detractors: BE VERY AFRAID !

More details on this will be availed during the upcoming Jubilee National Delegates Convention (NDC).

However what is not in question is the fact that all Kenyans, including the noisy brigade going around the country, acknowledge the fact that Jubilee has delivered to Kenyans.

In fact even our key detractors want to take credit for the work that was done while they were making noise.

 As a result of this unprecedented development record, Jubilee has positioned itself as the fulcrum of the next administration.

This party has proven that it is best suited to galvanise like-minded Kenyans, and to lead Kenyans into a future of prosperity.

This morning we would like to inform our members and the country at large, that party plans to hold an NDC within this month of November 2021 to deliberate on the process of restructuring our party and party leadership to reflect the aspirations of the members.

In the same breath we are happy to announce that Jubilee has cleaned house at local and national level and shaken off most of the bad elements who have been undermining the party, including, unfortunately, none other than Deputy Party Leader William Ruto.

During this clean-up we have borrowed from Matthew 5:30 which says: If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you....

As Kenyans will agree, if you have one hand that is gangrenous with rancid infection of corruption and malice you really have no choice but to amputate it. Jubilee, as a party, we will swallow any bitter pill if that is the only guarantee for a better, healthier and more robust party.

We will do what we have to do to protect our legacy - as the ruling party for 10 years — and as the party transitioning into another new beginning and promise of renewal.

 But to achieve this we cannot, as a basic minimum continue to harbour individuals known to have insatiable appetite for looting public resources.

Such shady characters have for a long time been a blot to our party.

 Fortunately as Kenyans have witnessed they have now regrouped in a tiny comer where thieves, rapists, women, wash-wash artists, pimps, murderers, cattle rustlers, pirates, and other social misfits have organised into one political outfit.

 This makes it easy for Kenyans to ensure they do not get anywhere near leadership of this country, by voting against said political outfit during the next election.

Meanwhile it is evident that the renewal and revamp of Jubilee is a threat to these people, which explains the deep-throated anger they have been displaying since news emerged that Jubilee was going to be revitalised and re-launched.

 For instance, in Juja, Ruto, in an angry speech said that hawa watu ni bure kabisa.

In fact, he used the word 'bure' over 10 times in a single road-side speech.

 Bure, meaning useless, is the best way he could find to describe millions of Mt Kenya residents and other Kenyans who support Jubilee, and their leader, Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Jubilee Deputy Party Leader and his small team of rebellious allies have officially said that they have left the Jubilee Party, for UDA.

We therefore cannot understand the anger and bitterness we see in them when they hear that Jubilee is revamping, in preparation for the 2022 elections.

Are they trying to transfer their anger and hate to the people of Mt Kenya, and is this a precursor of possible political violence in coming days?

For avoidance of doubt, and at a fundamental level, the Jubilee Party desires to be a party with a membership that cares for one another, that is committed to national unity, and that focuses on delivery of service to all Kenyans.

This is what is represented by the Party Leader's constant emphasis on unity, peace and prosperity.

Finally, we wish to remind our members that when Jubilee was launched five years ago President Uhuru Kenyatta stated that the party's broad vision would be to unite the nation.

 This vision is reflected in the wholesome transformation that Kenya has undergone under the Jubilee administration.

 In coming days — before and after the Party National Delegates Convention — we will remind Kenyans that the Jubilee Party remains strong and the primary beacon of hope for Kenyans.

 A new dawn is here.

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