Gideon to Kenyans: Heed Uhuru's call not to elect thieves

KANU Chairman Gideon Moi has backed calls by President Uhuru Kenyatta for Kenyans not to elect thieves or crooks to succeed him at State House next year.
Moi was addressing mourners in Kiserian, Kajiado County during the burial of Mzee William Koike Mopel. 
The KANU leader said presidential hopefuls with questionable integrity cannot be entrusted with the management of the country.  
He further promised to offer free secondary education and slash taxes by 50% if the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) team clinches the presidency next year. 
Uhuru urged the country not to elect “thieves” but instead scrutinise the aspiring leaders and pick those whose agenda is peace and uniting the nation. 
“I urge you, don't be incited. Choose leaders who will ensure this country remains peaceful and united and those who will carry on with the work we already started and not take us back to where we came from,” said President Kenyatta in his native Kikuyu language. 
He added: “Please don't allow Mwai Kibaki's 10 years and my 10 years to be destroyed by electing thugs and thieves.”

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