US-based don advises Ruto to forget presidency and contest governor’s seat

US-based law professor, Makau Mutua (pictured above) has advised Deputy President William Ruto to ditch his presidential ambition and instead vie for a gubernatorial seat. 

Taking to his Twitter account on Sunday, October 31, Mutua argued that Ruto’s chances of winning a gubernatorial election are much higher compared to a presidential race. 

“Instead of running all over the country for an election he’s going to lose, why can’t William Ruto go for Governor of Nairobi? He might just win it,” Mutua tweeted. 

Mutua’s advice to the DP comes at a time when Ruto is traversing the country, popularising his bid for the presidency.

Speaking in Kajiado on Sunday, Ruto said the country has made great strides towards development, arguing that there is no room for divisive politics in Kenya. 

“We must collectively work together and focus on looking on leaders whose interest is to see Kenyans united. We need leaders who are ready to build bridges to friendships and togetherness because we all agreed that we will never again go back to divisive politics,” the DP said. 

Ruto also called on other political leaders to put the country first and focus on moving it forward regardless of their political inclination.

“We are looking and advocating for politics and leadership of unity. I am calling on my fellow politicians to preach peace both in actions and in our speeches and remember this is the only country we have and we must protect it by all means,” Ruto said.

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