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Raila the cure for our ailing economy

By Correspondent

The ascendancy to the presidency by ODM leader Raila Odinga alias Baba Raila is sure to unleash the kind of economic boom last experienced after the Narc victory in 2002 General Election.

Yes, preserve this for reference in 2023. 

How will this happen, you may ask. Isn't this a common political campaign post meant to shape opinion, you may wonder.

Well, analyse the scenario objectively and get my vibe. 

Baba is currently enjoying the support of the owners of capital of this country.

They feel and know better that he is at ease with investors, employers, industrialists and business leaders in the country.

 These are individuals who have invested heavily in this country and are capable of expanding their entities under the right political climate.

 Owners of capital are very fearful of unpredictable political climate.

They can freeze any investment or expansion plans at the slightest hint of a hostile political prospect. 

Baba has been accommodative of these individuals and has their full support.

Being an industrialist himself, he is at ease with them and understands their concerns. 

 Baba’s main challenger (Deputy President William Ruto) has been demonising the owners of capital and portraying them as the reason why there are poor people in this country.

The masses have been incited to believe that the rich are against the prosperity of the poor.

Yet these tycoons work hand in hand with the rest of Kenyans as they hire their labour and rely on them to buy their products. 

A Raila victory will promote the much needed investor confidence and attract not only local investors, but most importantly, foreign direct investment.

 This will create numerous job opportunities and help cure the unemployment challenge.

This coming on the backdrop of sustained investment in infrastructure will propel this country to an economic take off, unlocking unprecedented economic growth. 

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