UDA’s bigwig hypocrisy in invoking God’s name

By Peter Njoroge

Whenever United Democratic Alliance (UDA) leaders are either brought to account for their misdeeds or questioned about their motives, they are invoke God’s name.

The funniest thing (a grave mistake) with this group is that they always argue as if God only belongs to them, their camp and nobody else.

You might think they have never even pinched anyone in their entire lives, leave alone shedding blood and being involved in fake currency business (wash wash),  a fact even well-known by all including the poor and widows.

Whenever the political wave is not favouring their camp, you will always hear desperate narratives like;

"Kuna Mungu Mbinguni" "God knows", "We have a living God in Heaven, "Kwa sababu ya Mungu aliye Mbinguni, mwaka ujao lazima tuunde Serikali", bla bla bla bla.....

In fact not even a single stop-over during their rallies can pass without God's name being mentioned in vain.

You may think ni Malaika tupu wako Juu ya V8, upuuzi.  Ata Mungu mwenyewe hapendi UDA-ku.

Mungu haishi Kwa Boma ya Mtu bwana. Tusipimiwe hewa. 

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