Why Mount Kenya must shun Ruto

By Nicholas Kiogora

The main problem we have in Mt Kenya Region is that the people that faced the harsh times of President Daniel arap Moi's regime are mainly in their 50s,60s and 70s.

Someone who was in his 30s in 1980s is today at 70s.

Those who were in their 30s in 1990s are today in their 60s.

Those in their 20s in 1990s are today in their 50s.

This is assuming that the above age-groups were independent financially on their own by then and know the harsh economic times the country went through under Moi.

The sad part is that a bigger population of Mt Kenya Region aged between 18 to 50 years know of Moi from their historical books or folktales.

They have never experienced the harsh times the country went through Under Moi and his Kalenjin group of elites made up of Nicholas Biwott, William Ruto and Joshua Kulei, to mention a few.

This youthful group is currently being duped by Ruto that he is a liberator.

They are not aware that Ruto was basically President Moi's mtu wa mkono and was the one unleashing attacks on Central Kenya community living in Rift Valley for being against Moi's regime.

Our younger population in Central Kenya need to spend more time with our parents in their 60s and 70s to know who Moi was and what Biwott and Ruto were doing during the Nyayo regime.

That is the only way we can save Mt Kenya Region from going back to the dark days between 1978 to 2002 under Moi and his band which included Biwott and Ruto. 

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