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Ruto’s deception game his main undoing

By John Kamau, Editor, (

Today, October 26, 2021, Deputy President William Ruto yet proved he is a master of hypocrisy.

The man from Sugoi sarcastically joined right thinking Kenyans in wishing our leader,  President Uhuru Kenyatta, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and “to pray for his success as he guides the nation towards a greater promise”.

God bless you, Sir; To many, many more! The man known for butchering innocent Kenyans whose only crime is to differ with him, retorted.

But just like Like Absalom in the Bible, Ruto’s story is of a man's pride and greed who tried to overthrow the plan of God.

Instead, his life ended in a violent downfall.

Each day, the Deputy President well-controlled deceit is giving deep-tissue massages to economically and emotionally vulnerable Kenyans.

Ruto also understands the value of covering his political ambition with a devotional and religious veneer.

Ruto, just like the bibcical Absalom thrives on hidden agendas, concealed strategies and secret alliances.

Ruto exhibits false humility, yet proudly believes he is wiser and better than President Uhuru Kenyatta. This has led to the fall out between the President and his deputy.

His narrative sounds similar to Lucifer’s betrayal of God, and his capturing the hearts of one-third of the angelic forces.

If you’re a pastor, leader, or business owner, you cannot coddle an unrepentant person who carries this Absalom spirit

Ruto has maneuvered to demonise the Uhuru presidency, betraying him by killing his influence among many followers as possible especially in his own home turf.

His hypocrisy was also evident in Kirinyaga.

While speaking in Kirinyaga during Mashujaa Day celebrations, the Deputy President spoke like a man who had already won the presidential race, going as far as giving reassurances to his predecessor.

With a few edits here and there, his speech writers could as well be keeping a copy for the official handover ceremony!

The deception game wouldn't have escaped President Uhuru Kenyatta and his supporters as well.

With Mr Kenyatta increasingly leaning towards endorsing ODM leader Raila Odinga's candidacy, his deputy had in recent weeks ramped up his personal attacks on the duo.

Days to the Mashujaa Day celebrations ,Ruto had said some of the nastiest things about Mr Kenyatta and Mr Odinga, calling them matapeli (fraudsters) while addressing a crowd in Mombasa.

The same man who called the President a fraudster showed up in Kirinyaga to praise him as a trans-formational leader whose legacy is secure in Kenya's history.

He also pledged to continue the legacy, contradicting his several statements at past public rallies dismissing everything the Uhuru Administration has done in the second term as a failure.

The problem for Ruto is that his move to outshine President Kenyatta and play the deception game in Kirinyaga only serves to fuel the fear some Kenyans already have about his possible presidency.

His political rivals have in the past sought to be amplify his dramatic performances in the 2013 campaigns, as President Kenyatta's running mate, in which he promised several stadiums in the next six months' that were never delivered.

They are likely to highlight Kirinyaga as yet another William Ruto Deception Show'.


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