Why Raila is the best bet for Mount Kenya

By Eunice Kamau

I have a story for Mt Kenyan folks:

One of the most beautiful national anthems in the whole world, one that give lovers of freedom goosebumps when they listen to the solemn lyrics, is none other than that of United States of America.

While it's a source of pride to Americans, its rhythm and lyrics is a constant reminder of an embarrassing defeat that Britain suffered in 1812, when their King decided to make US their colony again.

The rest as they say is history, but today these two countries are allies probably joined on the hip.

They fought side by side to defeat Adolf Hitler's third Reich and its surrogates, and this continues to date.

This is a perfect case study Mt Kenyan folks should learn from; that political power knows no enemies or friends, it's purely based on mutual interests.

In pursuit of political power, there is neither brotherhood nor covenants, it's a pursuit based on here and now.

Woe unto you, if you get stuck in the past, and in the process try to recruit others into your grievances party.

Currently there are two serious Presidential contenders for next year's election, and Mt Kenya have had a love-hate relationship with both.

They were both members of the ODM Pentagon that was blamed for excuting post-election violence of 2007.

 In other words they are "former" or retired warlords.

However, we cannot get stuck up in dates, we need to move forward, but with caution.

The question is; who among the two is sober enough to initiate a healing process that Kenya needs?

Time has taught ODM leader Raila Odinga some hard lessons, because like all mortals he is no longer a young Turk.

But alas Deputy President William Ruto is caught up in a modern " 41 against 1" known as dynasty vs hustlers.

As of now, nobody knows how the said dynasties are gonna surrender their wealth for redistribution.

Ruto needs time to deal with him, and when he finally sings "one love" he will make a good president but for now he remains a very dangerous warlord.

For now, Mt Kenya's best bet is bwana Tinga. 

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