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Ungrateful Somali President’s provocative letter over maritime dispute with Kenya

By President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful;

Once again, I take this opportunity to thank Allah for granting the people of Somalia a historic victory at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in their dispute with the Kenyan government over maritime territory.

 As I noted last week, this victory belongs to the Somali public, who have always stood by their government and their leaders.

Even as we celebrate this victory, it is with regret that I have learnt that the Kenyan government has opted to disregard the ICJ ruling.

Kenya has instead chosen to continue unlawfully claiming our territory, despite our call on our Kenyan brothers to accept the ruling, through which ICJ demonstrated integrity and transparency.

 This is very unfortunate and will only sever our currently delicate bilateral ties.

 It has come to our attention that as part of Kenya's dirty tactics to arm-twist Somalia, it has threatened to shut down the Dadaab Refugee Camp that hosts our people.

We shall not give in to these threats, and declare that we are ready to gladly take back our people from Dadaab.

Kenya has generally been a good neighbour to Somalia, and has played a key role in the restoration of peace in our country.

 We will forever be grateful to the Kenyan government for that.

However, the people of Somalia will not sit and watch as Kenya continues with its illegal pursuits that ultimately threaten our sovereignty.

Honorable Somali citizens, ladies and gentlemen,

It is against this background of Kenyan government's impunity that I'm rallying all of you to stand up and protect what rightfully belongs to us. With the mandate you have bestowed on me as your President, I am hereby giving the Kenyan government seven days—starting October 22, 2021— to cease access to the Somalia side of the maritime border according to the delimitation by the ICJ. Should Kenya defy this, we will protect our territory - the whole of Somaliweyn - with everything at our disposal.

Meanwhile, I am directing the military forces of the Federal Republic of Somalia to be on standby; ready to protect our territory from aggressors.

 The time has come for our military to stand up and be counted. The people of Somalia are depending on them to do the right thing.

 In equal measure, we call on our brothers, the Zarakat al-Shabab al-Mujahidin, to also express their patriotism by protecting our heritage.

The Federal government pledges to work with them and as a show of gratitude, the government will grant all cooperating Al-Shabaab brothers with immunity over past transgressions.

Finally, I urge the international community to call out Kenya's selfishness to avert a full-blown conflict in the region.

To all the people of Somalia; prepare for the Jihad ahead as we swear to fight for our future generations.

We shall not relinquish that which we were given by Allah.

Long Live Somalia. May Allah lead us towards the righteous path.

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