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Why UDA is a party borne out of spite rather than ideology

By Correspondent

Wheelbarrow as a party symbol is borne out of spite. Let’s find the origin of the symbol here:

One, wheelbarrow was chosen by Tangatanga as a self-deprecating joke taken too far, when Deputy President William Ruto was handing out handouts to a group of youth from Central region.

At the time a video appeared of him riding on a wheelbarrow like a kid in a candy store.

This was after Ruto skipped President Uhuru Kenyatta's meeting on Covid-19.

The skipping of the meeting was a  spite to his senior, Uhuru, the same way they labeled themselves Tangatanga after a snide remark by Uhuru on early campaigns.

They took Tangatanga as a brand.

In short, United Democratic Alliance (UDA) is a party borne out of spite rather than ideology, everything else including the bottom-up hullabaloo is hocus pocus and clear circumlocution of issues.

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