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How Ruto stole Sh5bn using KCB boss Joshua Oigara

By John Kamau, Editor, (

In less than one year, Deputy President William Ruto used Kenya Commercial Bank Chief Executive Joshua Oigara (pictured above) and lawyer Adil Khawaja to launder over Sh5 billion of taxpayers’ money.

Khawaja, who is a former KCB board chairman and Oigara, are Ruto’s point-men in money a laundering syndicate that has spread its wings to foreign countries such as United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Uganda and Turkey.  

One of the money laundering scandal unearthed reveals how Ruto used KCB to amass his unexplained wealth running into billions of shillings.

In the scandal, Ruto in less than 12 months laundered over Sh2 billion which was irregularly moved into his pockets and those of his relatives and associates who include prominent lawyers.

Oigara is deeply implicated in the scandal with text messages and emails confirming he received instructions and kickbacks for his role in the multibillion shillings scandal.

Here are the details: On 14th March, 2020, the Central Bank of Kenya Anti-Fraud Unit was alerted to unusual multi-million shillings transfer and withdrawal at Kenya Commercial Bank.

The alert came after Khawaja transferred Sh341 million from I&M Bank to a KCB account registered under one, Charles Tanui.

Curiously, in less than hour after the deposit, Tanui withdrew Sh240 million.  

This is despite the fact that under Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) rules transactions above Sh1 million must be explained and well documented.

But what raised the alarm is that Oigara had a letter to explain the unusual withdraw and transfer before questions were asked, a proof of his complicity in the crime.

In his explanation, Oigara said Tanui, who it later emerged was Ruto’s cousin, had received the money as part payment for a Kenya Pipeline Company tender.

But upon investigations it was discovered the said tender was fake.

Oigara, the documents show, was

used by Ruto to launder billions of shillings from the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa).

Here, a company registered by Ruto’s sister-in-law, Carolyn Cheruto Kitur was flagged in the Kemsa scandal where it received millions of shillings.

The company identified as Caresha Healthcare Solutions received Sh135 million from Kemsa to supply face masks.

But less than an hour after receiving the Sh135 million through KCB, Sh95 million was transferred to Khawaja who then deposited the large sum in Ruto’s account.

Oigara, documents show, also facilitated theft of over Sh2 billion in the Kemsa scandal.

Here, a company identified as Kigil registered by Tony Gichuru, son of a former Kenya Power managing director, Sam Gichuru, received the money for unspecified supplies.

Curiously, less than one hour after receiving the money, Sh1.7 billion was transferred to lawyer Katwa Kigen.

Kigen was among high profile lawyers who represented Ruto and his co-accused Joshua Sang at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands.  

Following the scandal, CBK wrote to Oigara demanding explanations on the large transactions.

But Oigara handed the brief to a lawyer nominated by Ruto, Veronica Nyabuto.

The same day she delivers the package Nyabuto makes hefty deposits in her account and that of Oigara.  

And that is just but one of the schemes used by the man who wants to be your president to steal public resources.

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